Self esteem & anxiety

Being told ‘don’t be silly’, ‘you’re just being daft’ or ‘what have you got to feel down about’ isn’t helpful when dealing with anxiety or low self-esteem. Talking to somebody who can empathise & really listen to your words may help …



If you need help ‘just breathing & letting what will be will be’ then Headway Counselling may be able to help.

If you’re hurting and need someone to listen to how you’re really feeling then counselling may be the answer.

Going to counselling isn’t a sign of weakness or a failing, it’s a show of bravery, of wanting to change, of owning your feelings. It’s a sign of strength!

If you’d like support with keeping going then talk to Headway Counselling.


If you can no longer handle the pain and need somebody to talk to then contact Headway Counselling (www.headway-counselling.co.uk)


Sometimes it’s hard to know how to change your attitude, or even recognise your attitude could be changed. Talking to somebody might help – why not contact Headway Counselling…